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Module PKTC-IETF-MTA-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionThis object contains the Internet Address of the Time Server used by an S-MTA for Time Synchronization. The type of this address is determined by the value of the pktcMtaDevTimeServerAddressType object. When the latter has the value 'ipv4(1)', this object contains the IP address of the Time Server used for Time Synchronization. In the case of an S-MTA, this object must be populated with a value other than as obtained from DHCP option 4. The protocol by which the time of day MUST be retrieved is defined in RFC 868. In the case of an E-MTA, this object must contain a value of if the address type is 'ipv4(1)' since an E-MTA does not use the Time Protocol for time synchronization (an E-MTA uses the time retrieved by the DOCSIS cable modem). The behavior of this object when the value of pktcMtaDevTimeServerAddressType is other than 'ipv4(1)' is not presently specified, but it may be specified in future versions of this MIB module. If a value is written into an instance of pktcMtaDevTimeServer, the agent MUST NOT retain the supplied value across MTA re-initializations or reboots.
SyntaxeInetAddress (INET-ADDRESS-MIB)