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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. cGgsnMIB. cGgsnMIBObjects. cGgsnConfigurations. cGgsnDownlinkVerifyMsDisable
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DescriptionThis object enables the feature which will allow the GGSN to route IP packets beyond MS. This works only if a static route is added in GGSN to the node beyond the MS. On enabling this feature, GGSN will route the packets in both process switch path and cef switch path. This is supported only for IP PDP type. This feature has some limitations: - This is not scalable, since the operator has to add static route to all the node beyond the MS. - Only works for MS having static address. - In case of GTPv1 the MS has to select TFT's so as to allow traffic flow in the downlink direction. - IP address assignment/Radius for the devices behind the MS needs to be done within the scope of that network; the GGSN will not provide this facility in anyway for the hosts behind the MS. - In case for MWAM and Cat6500/7600 environment, the static route should be added only on that particular GGSN on the MWAM from where the MS is reachable. 'true' - Routing beyond MS is enabled. 'false' - Routing beyond MS is disabled.
SyntaxeTruthValue (SNMPv2-TC)