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DescriptionThis object is used to set a low alarm threshold on the optical parameter being monitored. An alarm condition will be raised if the value given by cOpticalParameterValue goes from above the value configured in this object to below the value configured in this object, or if the initial value of cOpticalParameterValue is lower than the value configured in this object. For network elements that incorporate a soak time in the status indications, this alarm will be indicated in the cOpticalParamAlarmStatus object only after it persists for a period of time that equals the set soak interval. The severity level of this alarm is specified by the cOpticalParamLowAlarmSev object. When the cOpticalMonParameterType object is set to 'power' for the receive direction and when the interface supports alarms based on loss of light, this object specifies the optical power threshold for declaring loss of light. Also, when optical amplifiers are present in the network, in the receive direction, this value may need to be configured, since the noise floor may be higher than the minimum sensitivity of the receiver.
SyntaxeOpticalParameterValue (CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITOR-MIB)