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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 371 (ciscoIvrMIB). 1 (ciscoIvrMIBObjects). 1 (cimIvrConfiguration). 2 (cimIvrZoneset). 3 (civrZoneSetActivate)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoIvrMIB. ciscoIvrMIBObjects. cimIvrConfiguration. cimIvrZoneset. civrZoneSetActivate
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DescriptionSetting this object to a value is a request for a particular IV zoneset to be activated on this device. i.e., for the current configuration of that zoneset to be cloned with the clone becoming the active zoneset. Setting this object to a value (say, N) identifies the IV zoneset to be cloned as the zoneset identified by civrZoneSetIndex object having the same value N. Even though there could be multiple IV zonesets on this device, only one can be active at a time. If a IV zoneset is already active and a second IV zone set is activated, then the first IV zoneset is automatically deactivated and the second IV zoneset is activated. The IV zoneset activation is done only in 'activate VSANs' on the local device. The 'activate VSANs' is the intersection of topology VSANs on the local device (civrTopologyActiveSwitchVsan2k and civrTopologyActiveSwitchVsan4k), members VSANs (union of all the VSANs of the members in the zoneset being activated) and local VSANs (vsanTable from CISCO-VSAN-MIB). If the activation was successful then, civrZoneEnforcedZoneSetName contains the name of zoneset corresponding to the civrZoneSetIndex that was set. The value of this object when read is always 0.
SyntaxeUnsigned32 (0...2048)