MIB Discovery
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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoSwitchEngineMIB. cseMIBObjects. cseFlow. cseFlowMcastQueryTable
DescriptionA control table used to query the switching engine by specifying retrieval criteria for IP multicast L3 flows. Each row instance in the table represents a query with its parameters. The resulting data for each instance of a query in this table is returned in the cseFlowMcastResultTable. The maximum number of entries (rows) in this table cannot exceed the value of cseFlowMcastMaxQueries object. Unlike unicast switched layer 3 flows, an IP multicast switched flow is created and installed by software, and is uniquely identified by flow's source IP address, and multicast group IP address. It is stored with input Vlan ID in the cache entry, so that the packets in the flow will not be replicated and forwarded to the receivers on the same (input) Vlan. Another difference is that all IP multicast hardware switched flows belonging to the same (source, group) are stored only on one switch engine on a Cisco L3 switch with distributed switch engines, whereas unicast flows identified by certain criterion may resident on multiple switch engines in the system.