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MIX : 1 (iso). 2 (member-body). 840 (us). 10036 (ieee802dot11). 2 (dot11mac). 1 (dot11OperationTable). 1 (dot11OperationEntry). 2 (dot11RTSThreshold)
OID : 1.2.840.10036.
TXT : iso. member-body. us. ieee802dot11. dot11mac. dot11OperationTable. dot11OperationEntry. dot11RTSThreshold
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Module IEEE802dot11-MIB (CISCO)
DescriptionThis attribute shall indicate the number of octets in an MPDU, below which an RTS/CTS handshake shall not be performed. An RTS/CTS handshake shall be performed at the beginning of any frame exchange sequence where the MPDU is of type Data or Management, the MPDU has an individual address in the Address1 field, and the length of the MPDU is greater than this threshold. (For additional details, refer to Table 21 in 9.7.) Setting this attribute to be larger than the maximum MSDU size shall have the effect of turning off the RTS/CTS handshake for frames of Data or Management type transmitted by this STA. Setting this attribute to zero shall have the effect of turning on the RTS/CTS handshake for all frames of Data or Management type transmitted by this STA. The default value of this attribute shall be 2347.
SyntaxeInteger32 (0...2347)