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Module ADSL-LINE-EXT-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionThis object extends the definition an ADSL line and associated channels (when applicable) for cases when it is configured in dual mode, and operating in a G.Lite-type mode as denoted by adslLineTransAtucActual. Dual mode exists when the object, adslLineTransAtucConfig, is configured with one or more full-rate modes and one or more G.Lite modes simultaneously. When 'dynamic' profiles are implemented, the value of object is equal to the index of the applicable row in the ADSL Line Configuration Profile Table, AdslLineConfProfileTable defined in ADSL-MIB [RFC2662]. In the case when dual-mode has not been enabled, the value of the object will be equal to the value of the object adslLineConfProfile [RFC2662]. When `static' profiles are implemented, in much like the case of the object, adslLineConfProfileName [RFC2662], this object's value will need to algorithmically represent the characteristics of the line. In this case, the value of the line's ifIndex plus a value indicating the line mode type (e.g., G.Lite, Full-rate) will be used. Therefore, the profile's name is a string concatenating the ifIndex and one of the follow values: Full or Lite. This string will be fixed-length (i.e., 14) with leading zero(s). For example, the profile name for ifIndex that equals '15' and is a full rate line, it will be '0000000015Full'.
SyntaxeSnmpAdminString (SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB)