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Module TCP-ESTATS-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionThis object identifies which consistency test most recently failed during TCP input processing. This object SHOULD be set every time tcpEStatsStackSoftErrors is incremented. The codes are as follows: belowDataWindow(1) - All data in the segment is below SND.UNA. (Normal for keep-alives and zero window probes). aboveDataWindow(2) - Some data in the segment is above SND.WND. (Indicates an implementation bug or possible attack). belowAckWindow(3) - ACK below SND.UNA. (Indicates that the return path is reordering ACKs) aboveAckWindow(4) - An ACK for data that we have not sent. (Indicates an implementation bug or possible attack). belowTSWindow(5) - TSecr on the segment is older than the current TS.Recent (Normal for the rare case where PAWS detects data reordered by the network). aboveTSWindow(6) - TSecr on the segment is newer than the current TS.Recent. (Indicates an implementation bug or possible attack). dataCheckSum(7) - Incorrect checksum. Note that this value is intrinsically fragile, because the header fields used to identify the connection may have been corrupted. otherSoftError(8) - All other soft errors not listed above.
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-belowDataWindow, 2-aboveDataWindow, 3-belowAckWindow, 4-aboveAckWindow, 5-belowTSWindow, 6-aboveTSWindow, 7-dataCheckSum, 8-otherSoftError)