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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. mgmt. mib-2. flowMIB. flowData. flowColumnActivityTable. flowColumnActivityEntry. flowColumnActivityData
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Module FLOW-METER-MIB (ietf)
Description Collection of attribute data for flows active after flowColumnActivityTime. Within the OCTET STRING is a sequence of { flow index, attribute value } pairs, one for each active flow. The end of the sequence is marked by a flow index value of 0, indicating that there are no more rows in this column. The format of objects inside flowColumnFlowData is as follows. All numbers are unsigned. Numbers and strings appear with their high-order bytes leading. Numbers are fixed size, as specified by their SYNTAX in the flow table (above), i.e. one octet for flowAddressType and small constants, and four octets for Counter and TimeStamp. Strings are variable-length, with the length given in a single leading octet. The following is an attempt at an ASN.1 definition of flowColumnActivityData: flowColumnActivityData ::= SEQUENCE flowRowItemEntry flowRowItemEntry ::= SEQUENCE { flowRowNumber Integer32 (1..65535), -- 0 indicates the end of this column flowDataValue flowDataType -- Choice depends on attribute } flowDataType ::= CHOICE { flowByteValue Integer32 (1..255), flowShortValue Integer32 (1..65535), flowLongValue Integer32, flowStringValue OCTET STRING -- Length (n) in first byte, -- n+1 bytes total length, trailing zeroes truncated }
SyntaxeOctetString (3...1000)