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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. mgmt. mib-2. vrrpMIB. vrrpOperations. vrrpOperationsTable. vrrpOperationsEntry. vrrpOperationsRowStatus
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Module VRRP-MIB (Force10-
DescriptionThe RowStatus variable should be used in accordance to installation and removal conventions for conceptual rows. When `vrrpOperationsRowStatus' is set to active(1), no other objects in the conceptual row can be modified. To create a row in this table, a manager sets this object to either createAndGo(4) or createAndWait(5). Until instances of all corresponding columns are appropriately configured, the value of the corresponding instance of the `vrrpOperationsRowStatus' column will be read as notReady(3). In particular, a newly created row cannot be made active(1) until (minimally) the corresponding instance of vrrpOperationsInetAddrType, vrrpOperationsVrId and vrrpOperationsPrimaryIpAddr has been set and there is at least one active row in the `vrrpAssociatedIpAddrTable' defining an associated IP address. notInService(2) should be used to administratively bring the row down. A typical order of operation to add a row is: 1. Create a row in vrrpOperationsTable with createAndWait(5). 2. Create one or more corresponding rows in vrrpAssociatedIpAddrTable. 3. Populate the vrrpOperationsEntry. 4. set vrrpOperationsRowStatus to active(1). A typical order of operation to delete an entry is: 1. Set vrrpOperationsRowStatus to notInService(2). 2. Set the corresponding rows in vrrpAssociatedIpAddrTable to destroy(6) to delete the entry. 3. set vrrpOperationsRowStatus to destroy(6) to delete the entry.
SyntaxeRowStatus (SNMPv2-TC)