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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 2 (mgmt). 1 (mib-2). 86 (frAtmIwfMIB). 1 (frAtmIwfMIBObjects). 2 (frAtmIwfConnectionTable). 1 (frAtmIwfConnectionEntry)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. mgmt. mib-2. frAtmIwfMIB. frAtmIwfMIBObjects. frAtmIwfConnectionTable. frAtmIwfConnectionEntry
DescriptionThe FrAtmIwfConnectionEntry provides an entry for an interworking connection between a frame relay PVC and one or more ATM PVCs, or an ATM PVC and one or more frame relay PVCs. A single frame relay PVC connected to a single ATM PVC is referred to as a `point-to-point' connection and is represented by a single row in the FR/ATM IWF Connection Table. The case of a single frame relay PVC connected to multiple ATM PVCs (or single ATM PVC connected to multiple frame relay PVCs) is referred to as a `point-to-multipoint' connection and is represented by multiple rows in the FR/ATM IWF Connection Table. The object frAtmIwfConnIndex uniquely identifies each point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection. The manager obtains the frAtmIwfConnIndex value by reading the frAtmIwfConnIndexNext object. After a frAtmIwfConnIndex is assigned for the connection, the manager creates one or more rows in the Cross Connect Table; one for each cross- connection between the frame relay PVC and an ATM PVC. In the case of `point-to-multipoint' connections, all rows are indexed by the same frAtmIwfConnIndex value and MUST refer to the same frame relay PVC or ATM PVC respectively. An entry can be created only when at least one pair of frame relay and ATM PVCs exist. A row can be established by one-step set-request with all required parameter values and frAtmIwfConnRowStatus set to createAndGo(4). The Agent should perform all error checking as needed. A pair of cross-connected PVCs, as identified by a particular value of the indexes, is released by setting frAtmIwfConnRowStatus to destroy(6). The Agent may release all associated resources. The manager may remove the related PVCs thereafter. Indexes are persistent across reboots of the system.