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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. experimental. slapmMIB. slapmObjects. slapmBaseObjects. slapmPolicyPurgeTime
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Module SLAPM-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionThe purpose of this object is to define the amount of time (in seconds) to wait before removing an slapmPolicyRuleStatsEntry (or old slapmPolicyStatsEntry) when a system detects that the associated policy definition has been deleted. This gives any polling management applications time to complete their last poll before an entry is removed. An slapmPolicyRuleStatsEntry (or old slapmPolicyStatsEntry) enters the deleteNeeded(3) state via slapmPolicyRuleStatsOperStatus (or old slapmPolicyStatsOperStatus) when a system first detects that the entry needs to be removed. Once slapmPolicyPurgeTime has expired for an entry in deleteNeeded(3) state it is removed a long with any dependent slapmPRMonTable (or slapmPolicyMonitorTable) entries. A value of 0 for this option disables this function and results in the automatic purging of slapmPRMonTable (or slapmPolicyTable) entries upon transition into deleteNeeded(3) state. A slapmPolicyRuleDeleted (or slapmPolicyProfileDeleted) notification is sent when an slapmPolicyRuleStatsEntry (or slapmPolicyStatsEntry) is removed. Dependent slapmPRMonTable (or slapmPolicyMonitorTable) deletion results in a slapmPolicyRuleMonDeleted (or slapmPolicyMonitorDeleted) notification being sent. These notifications are suppressed if the value of slapmPolicyTrapEnable is disabled(2).
SyntaxeInteger32 (0...3600)