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Module SLAPM-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionThe threshold for generating a slapmMonitoredEventNotAchieved notification, signalling that a monitored minimum transfer rate has not been meet. A slapmMonitoredEventNotAchieved notification is not generated again for an slapmPolicyMonitorEntry until the minimum transfer rate exceeds slapmPolicyMonitorMinRateHigh (a slapmMonitoredEventOkay notification is then transmitted) and then fails below slapmPolicyMonitorMinRateLow. This behavior reduces the slapmMonitoredEventNotAchieved notifications that are transmitted. A value of zero for this object is returned when the slapmPolicyMonitorControl monitorMinRate(0) is not enabled. When enabled the default value for this object is the min rate value specified in the associated action definition minus 10%. If the action definition doesn't have a min rate defined then there is no default for this object and a value MUST be specified prior to activating this entry when monitorMinRate(0) is selected. Note: The corresponding slapmPolicyMonitorControl BITS setting, enableAggregateTraps(3), MUST be selected in order for any notification relating to this entry to potentially be generated.
Unitekilobits per second