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Module SLAPM-MIB (ietf)
DescriptionTo facilitate the provisioning of access control by a security administrator using the View-Based Access Control Model (RFC 2575, VACM) for tables in which multiple users may need to independently create or modify entries, the initial index is used as an 'owner index'. Such an initial index has a syntax of SnmpAdminString, and can thus be trivially mapped to a securityName or groupName as defined in VACM, in accordance with a security policy. All entries in that table belonging to a particular user will have the same value for this initial index. For a given user's entries in a particular table, the object identifiers for the information in these entries will have the same subidentifiers (except for the 'column' subidentifier) up to the end of the encoded owner index. To configure VACM to permit access to this portion of the table, one would create vacmViewTreeFamilyTable entries with the value of vacmViewTreeFamilySubtree including the owner index portion, and vacmViewTreeFamilyMask 'wildcarding' the column subidentifier. More elaborate configurations are possible.
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