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DescriptionThis object defines a read-only set of SAV policies associated with a CM that the CMTS will use in addition to the CMTS verification of an operator assigned IP Address being associated with a CM. When the CMTS has not resolved a source address of a CM CPE, the CMTS verifies if the CM CPE is authorized to pass traffic based on this object. These object policies include a list of subnet prefixes (defined in the SavStaticList object) or a SAV Group Name that could reference a CMTS configured list of subnet prefixes (defined in SavCfgList object) or vendor-specific policies. The CMTS populates the attributes of this object for a CM from that CM's config file. This object is only applicable when the SrcAddrVerificationEnabled attribute of the MdCfg object is 'true' and the CmAuthEnable attribute of the CmtsSavCtrl object is 'true'. The CMTS is not required to persist instances of this object across reinitializations.