MIB Discovery
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DescriptionThe Receive Module Configuration object permits an operator to configure how CMs with certain Receive Channel Profiles (RCPs) will configure the Receive Modules within their profile upon CM registration. When a CM registers with an RCP for which all Receive Module Indices (RmIds) are configured in this object and all Receive Channels are configured within the Receive Channel (ReceiveChannel) object, the CMTS should use the configuration within these objects to set the Receive Channel Configuration assigned to the CM in a REG-RSP message. A CMTS may require configuration of all pertinent Receive Module and Receive Channel instances (i.e., MIB table entries) in order to register a CM that reports a Receive Channel Profile. If the CM reports multiple RCPs, and Receive Module and Receive Channel objects have instances (i.e., MIB table entries) for more than one RCP reported by the CM, the particular RCP selected by the CMTS is not specified. A CMTS is not restricted to assigning Receive Modules based only on the contents of this object. This object supports the creation and deletion of multiple instances. Creation of a new instance of this object requires the reference of a valid RccCfg instance.