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DescriptionThis attribute represents the status of the specified change-over operation. The enumerations are: Change-over using DCC message exchange: 'modemDeparting' The cable modem has responded with a change-over response of either a DCC-RSP with a confirmation code of depart(180) or a UCC-RSP. 'timeOutT13' Failure due to no DCC-RSP with confirmation code depart(180) received prior to expiration of the T13 timer. 'timeOutT15' T15 timer timed out prior to the arrival of a bandwidth request, RNG-REQ message, or DCC-RSP message with confirmation code of arrive(181) from the cable modem. Change-over using DBC message exchange: 'dbcTimeout' The number of DBC-REQ retries was exceeded and no DBC-RSP was received Change-over CMTS verifications: 'messageSent' The CMTS has sent a DOCSIS MAC message request to instruct the CM to do the change-over operation. 'noOpNeed' A change-over operation was requested in which neither the DS and US channels where the CM is operational changed. 'waitToSendMessage' The specified operation is active and CMTS is waiting to send the channel change message with channel info to the cable modem. 'cmOperationRejected' Channel Change operation was rejected by the cable modem. 'cmtsOperationRejected' Channel Change operation was rejected by the Cable Modem Termination System. 'rejectInit' Operation rejected due to unsupported initialization tech requested. 'success' CMTS received an indication that the CM successfully completed the change-over operation. e.g., If an initialization technique of re-initialize the MAC is used, success in indicated by the receipt of a DCC-RSP message with a confirmation code of depart(180) or DBC confirmation code ok/success. In all other DCC cases, success is indicated by: (1) the CMTS received a DCC-RSP message with confirmation code of arrive(181) or (2) the CMTS internally confirms the presence of the CM on the new channel(s).
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-messageSent, 2-noOpNeeded, 3-modemDeparting, 4-waitToSendMessage, 5-cmOperationRejected, 6-cmtsOperationRejected, 7-timeOutT13, 8-timeOutT15, 9-rejectinit, 10-success, 11-dbcTimeout)