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DescriptionThis object represents the autonomous load balancing parameters provisioned for cable modem. The CMTS selects the cable modem Load Balancing Group (GrpId attribute of this object) from multiple sources by following the rules and sequence described below: The CMTS selects the assignment of the CM to a Load Balancing Group by determining first if the CM is in a Restricted Load Balancing Group or in its absence to the General Load Balancing group that corresponds to the MD-CM-SG of the CM. The selection of the Restricted Load Balancing group is achieved by first matching the CM in the RestrictCmCfg Object and if no match is found, by selecting the best match within the ResGrpCfg object. The best match within the ResGrpCfg follows the MULPI requirements on precedences of the CM signaled TLVs: ServiceType ID and Load Balancing Group ID (for backward compatibility of provisioned Group IDs).