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DescriptionThis object provides the parameters for the General Load Balancing Groups of MD-CM-SGs associated with MAC Domain-Fiber Node pairs. This object allows configuration of load balancing parameters for General Load Balancing Groups by way of MAC Domain-Fiber Node pairs. In many deployments, a MAC Domain-Fiber Node pair will equate to an MD-CM-SG (which always equates to a GLBG). In the case where an MD-CM-SG spans multiple Fiber Nodes, there will be multiple instances of this object that represent the General Load Balancing Group (MD-CM-SG). The CMTS MUST enforce that such instances all have the same attribute values. Any time a fiber node is associated to a MAC Domain an instance of this object is defined by the CMTS and populated with default values from the GeneralGrpDefaults object. Similarly when a fiber node is no longer paired with a MAC Domain the corresponding instance is deleted from the object.