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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cableLabs. clabProject. clabProjDocsis. docsDrfMib. docsDrfObjects. docsDrfDownstreamCapabilitiesTable. docsDrfDownstreamCapabilitiesEntry. docsDrfDownstreamCapabFrequency
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DescriptionThe QAM channel frequency capabilities. 'qamDependency' BIT set to '1' indicates the QAM channel frequency value has dependencies with other QAM channels and an entry that includes this QAM channel is in in docsDrfGroupDependencyTable for the PHY parameter 'frequency'. 'adjacentChannel' BIT set to '1' indicates the QAM channel frequencies in the dependency group (DEPI TSID group) are adjacent and constrained in a frequency range based on the number of QAM channels in the dependency group. 'adjacentChannelOrder' BIT set to '1' indicates the QAM channel frequency adjacency is based in the QAM channel sequence like entPhysicalParentRelPos in EntPhysicalTable or other vendor sequence. e.g., a dependency group of four QAM channels with 'adjacentChannelOrder' BIT set to '1': The 4th QAM channel in the sequence gets a frequency assignment f + 1*bandwidth when the frequency value of the 3rd QAM channel in the sequence is set to f. Similarly the 1st QAM channel in the sequence gets a frequency assignment of f - 2*bandwidth and the 2nd QAM channels gets a frequency of f -1*bandwidth. 'adjacentChannel' 'adjacentChannelOrder' BITs may be set to '1' when a dependency group includes the QAM channel of this M-CMTS Downstream interface and the value of the object docsDrfGroupDependencyType is docsDrfPhyParamAdjacentValues. 'adjacentChannel' BIT may be set to '1' if 'qamDependency' BIT is set to '1'. The same way, 'adjacentChannelOrder' BIT may be set to '1' and implies 'adjacentChannel' BIT is set to '1'.
SyntaxeBits (0-qamDependency, 1-adjacentChannel, 2-adjacentChannelOrder)