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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cableLabs. clabProject. clabProjDocsis. docsIfMCmtsMib. docsIfMCmtsObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownTable
DescriptionA Table for setting multiple parameters of multiple QAM channels. Creating an entry in this table will set automatically all QAM Channels in the containment tree of docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPhysicalIndex in entPhysicalContainsTable to the parameter values specified during the row creation. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPhysicalIndex MUST be a valid Physical index of entPhysicalTable. The ways to configure QAM channels parameters are: 1) Globally. Using this table, docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownTable 2) Directly. Using docsIfMCmtsEqamDownstreamTable and docsIfDownstreamChannelTable to change parameters and lock status of individual QAM channels. In general an entry in this table will set the parameters of QAM channels of the containment tree recursively the same way as doing directly as described in 2)above. It means, potentially there could be rejections based on locked parameters and/or PHY dependencies that prevent the sets. The row creation in this table is not rejected or set in 'inactive' or 'notInService' state due individual QAM channels in the group failures due the global set, instead, an error status is reported per entry. The processing of the entries in this table (e.g., at system initialization) is sequential; therefore, it could be overlapping rules based on the containment tree level of the entries.