MIB Discovery
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DescriptionA table containing PHBIDs Resources used for DEPI applications. At the M-CMTS core these entries contain information about the mapping of egress traffic to PHIDs and DEPI flow IDs also known as DEPI payload encapsulation. For the M-CMTS Core there are two type of entries: o One set of entries is a preconfigured list of PHBIDs used for M-CMTS requests to EQAM IP Host, e.g., the MIB object docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigRsrcAllocReq references those type of entry sets. In those entries the values of docsIfMCmtsDepiRsrcAllocUdpPort, docsIfMCmtsDepiRsrcAllocFlowId and docsIfMCmtsDepiRsrcAllocPolicyScnTags are ignored by the M-CMTS. o The second set of entries has the responses from the EQAM IP host to the M-CMTS when the DEPI session request is successful. The object docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigPhbIdResp in docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigTable references an entry of this type. The EQAM MAY implement this table to configure the different queue prioritization of the DEPI flow IDs, PHBIDs and UDP ports triplet used in the DEPI Resource allocation response to the M-CMTS. If this table is not implemented by the EQAM device the object docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionInfoRsrcAllocResp is set to zero, and the DEPI session Resource Allocation response is vendor specific. Also the EQAM device MAY implement this table as read-only for the purpose of debugging the DEPI Resource Allocation Responses sent to the M-CMTS core.