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DescriptionThe policy rules that apply to DOCSIS traffic (traffic profiles) of a DEPI session. Traffic Profiles are ways to discriminate specific traffic flows for QOS treatment in the CIN and EQAM device. The main function of this table is to map the DOCSIS SF egress traffic to the Converged Interconnect Network PHB configuration; thus, from the M-CMTS to the EQAM IP host Ingress port, the QOS levels are defined properly. In D-MPT mode this table is only applicable to PHB egress marking for the CIN. In PSP mode this table is referenced PHBID CIN (referenced by docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCinPhbIdPolicy) The CIN PHBs is operator specific. The CIN per-hub-Behavior of this table accomplishes: o DOCSIS MAPs, DOCSIS MAC messages and PacketCable VoIP PHBID are configured in a reserved policy tag 'ExpediteForwardCIN' traffic. This policy has a 'permanent' storage. o Data traffic (per DOCSIS Service Flows) is assigned to PBHIDs based on Admission policies rules, e.g., Service Class Name, DOCSIS specific parameters, etc. This table only deals with policies based with SCN. Other traffic descriptor rules are vendor dependent.