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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. alcatel. alcatelIND1BaseMIB. alcatelIND1Management. managementIND1Software. softwareIND1Entities. softentIND1PwrMon. energyObjectMib. energyObjectMibObjects. eoPowerTable. eoPowerEntry. eoPower
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Module ENERGY-OBJECT-MIB (Alcatel)
DescriptionThis object indicates the power measured for the Energy Object. For alternating current, this value is obtained as an average over fixed number of AC cycles. . This value is specified in SI units of watts with the magnitude of watts (milliwatts, kilowatts, etc.) indicated separately in eoPowerUnitMultiplier. The accuracy of the measurement is specfied in eoPowerAccuracy. The direction of power flow is indicated by the sign on eoPower. If the Energy Object is consuming power, the eoPower value will be positive. If the Energy Object is producing power, the eoPower value will be negative. The eoPower MUST be less than or equal to the maximum power that can be consumed at the power state specified by eoPowerState. The eoPowerMeasurementCaliber object specifies how the usage value reported by eoPower was obtained. The eoPower value must report 0 if the eoPowerMeasurementCaliber is 'unavailable'. For devices that can not measure or report power, this option can be used.