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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. alcatel. alcatelIND1BaseMIB. alcatelIND1Management. managementIND1Software. softwareIND1Entities. softentIND1PwrMon. energyObjectMib. energyObjectMibObjects. eoPowerTable. eoPowerEntry. eoPowerMeasurementCaliber
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Module ENERGY-OBJECT-MIB (Alcatel)
DescriptionThis object specifies how the usage value reported by eoPower was obtained: - unavailable(1): Indicates that the usage is not available. In such a case, the eoPower value must be 0 For devices that can not measure or report power this option can be used. - unknown(2): Indicates that the way the usage was determined is unknown. In some cases, entities report aggregate power on behalf of another device. In such cases it is not known whether the usage reported is actual(2), estimated(3) or presumed (4). - actual(3): Indicates that the reported usage was measured by the entity through some hardware or direct physical means. The usage data reported is not presumed (4) or estimated (3) but the real apparent current energy consumption rate. - estimated(4): Indicates that the usage was not determined by physical measurement. The value is a derivation based upon the device type, state, and/or current utilization using some algorithm or heuristic. It is presumed that the entity's state and current configuration were used to compute the value. - presumed(5): Indicates that the usage was not determined by physical measurement, algorithm or derivation. The usage was reported based upon external tables, specifications, and/or model information. For example, a PC Model X draws 200W, while a PC Model Y draws 210W
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-unavailable, 2-unknown, 3-actual, 4-estimated, 5-presumed)