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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoExperiment. cdot3OamMIB. cdot3OamObjects. cdot3OamEventLogTable
DescriptionThis table records a history of the events that have occurred at the Ethernet OAM level. These events can include locally detected events, which may result in locally generated OAMPDUs, and remotely detected events, which are detected by the OAM peer entity and signaled to the local entity via Ethernet OAM. Ethernet OAM events can be signaled by Event Notification OAMPDUs or by the flags field in any OAMPDU. This table contains both threshold crossing events and non-threshold crossing events. The parameters for the threshold window, threshold value, and actual value (cdot3OamEventLogWindowXX, cdot3OamEventLogThresholdXX, cdot3OamEventLogValue) are only applicable to threshold crossing events, and are returned as all F's (2^32 - 1) for non-threshold crossing events. Entries in the table are automatically created when such events are detected. The size of the table is implementation dependent. When the table reaches its maximum size, older entries are automatically deleted to make room for newer entries.