MIB Discovery
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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 10 (ciscoExperiment). 52 (ciscoWirelessExpMIB). 1 (cwrRadioExpMibObjects). 1 (cwrRadioFreqEntityGroup). 1 (cwrRfEntityTable). 1 (cwrRfEntityEntry)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoExperiment. ciscoWirelessExpMIB. cwrRadioExpMibObjects. cwrRadioFreqEntityGroup. cwrRfEntityTable. cwrRfEntityEntry
DescriptionThis represents one entry in the cwrRfEntityTable. This table is largely a read only table which provides details on the radio frequency resources available on the system. Physically each RF resource may be realized by one antenna and its associated control hardware. But a single antenna and its associated hardware may act as more than 1 RF resource. A Duplexor is a mechanical device, that acts as a band pass filter when installed in an RF resource. Normally a RF resource is capable of operating over a wide frequency range. To operate at restricted frequencies, the user has to own that part of the frequency spectrum. Since the user may not own parts of the frequency spectrum over which the RF resource may operate, a Duplexor is installed in the RF resource. This restricts the RF resource to operate in the passband defined by the Duplexor. In this table the Duplexor's are identified by an index into the cwrDuplexorTable. It is indexed by the ifIndex and cwrRfEntityIndex.