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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 112 (ciscoAtmSwitchFrIwfMIB). 1 (ciscoAtmSwitchFrIwfMIBObjects). 1 (casfFrTraffic). 1 (casfTrafficDescrTable)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoAtmSwitchFrIwfMIB. ciscoAtmSwitchFrIwfMIBObjects. casfFrTraffic. casfTrafficDescrTable
DescriptionThis table contains a set of self-consistent Frame Relay traffic parameters. It is intended to be used to create Frame Relay to ATM interworking connections, hence a ATM traffic service category is also included. An entry in this table is associated with an equivalent entry in the ATM traffic descriptor table (atmTrafficDescrParamTable); the mapping is given by the object casfTrafficDescrAtmIndex. The agent will not permit deletion of the associated atmTrafficDescrEntry while the Frame Relay Traffic Descriptor entry exists. When creating an entry in this table, if the value of casfTrafficDescrAtmIndex is specified, the following cases are possible: (a) if no corresponding row exists in atmTrafficDescrParamTable, the agent will create such a row with the given index value. (b) if a corresponding row does exist in atmTrafficDescrParamTable, the agent compares the parameter values in casfTrafficDescrEntry and the corresponding atmTrafficDescrParamEntry. If the two entries are not equivalent, an error is returned, and row creation fails. When creating an entry in this table, if the value of casfTrafficDescrAtmIndex is not specified, the agent will assign a value to this object so that it refers to an equivalent entry in the atmTrafficDescrParamTable. If such an equivalent entry does not already exist, the agent will create one. The agent creates rows in this table for use with signaled connections. These are called 'transient' rows - they disappear when the connection is torn down, and are not saved in non-volatile memory. By convention, transient rows usually use high-numbered index values. Entries can be deleted by setting the row status to destroy(6). The agent denies the request if the row is in use by existing connections.