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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 198 (ciscoRfSupMIB). 1 (ciscoRfSupMIBObjects). 1 (cRfSupSystem). 1 (cRfSupSysAvailableStartTime)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoRfSupMIB. ciscoRfSupMIBObjects. cRfSupSystem. cRfSupSysAvailableStartTime
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DescriptionThe date and time when this system began providing uninterrupted operation. This includes the time while either redundant unit was Active, but may also include brief intervals during switchover where the new Active unit was operational, but not yet reachable for network management purposes. It may also include intervals where no Standby unit was offering protection, as long as the Active unit was still operational. It normally changes only if an unprotected system restart occurs or if a Standby unit was forced to take over before the initial database sync was completed. However, it may also change if the system's Time of Day clock is changed or adjusted. This object will be inaccurate if the system's Time of Day clock has not been set accurately. However, it should be implemented in such a way that when the system's Time of Day clock is adjusted to an accurate setting, cRfSupSysAvailableStartTime will also adjust to show the accurate available start time.
SyntaxeDateAndTime (SNMPv2-TC)