MIB Discovery
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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 318 (ciscoXgcpMIB). 1 (cXgcpObjects). 4 (cXgcpConnection). 1 (cXgcpConnectionTable). 1 (cXgcpConnectionEntry). 15 (cXgcpConnEventResult)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoXgcpMIB. cXgcpObjects. cXgcpConnection. cXgcpConnectionTable. cXgcpConnectionEntry. cXgcpConnEventResult
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Description Represents possible MG call event results. normalOk - Normal event processed OK invalidOk - Invalid event processed OK callRecordReleased - The call record is released invalidCallId - TGW find invalid call id invalidConnId - TGW find invalid connection id duplicatedMsg - TGW find duplicated sgcp msg ackFailure - TGW can't send sgcp ack msg deleteFailure - TGW can't send sgcp delete msg createAckFailure - TGW can't send create ack msg createAckMissing - TGW did't send sgcp ack msg deleteAckFailure - TGW can't send delete ack msg notifyFailure - TGW can't send sgcp notify msg invalidState - TGW find event in wrong state invalidProtocolVer - GW finds protocl ver. not supported tgwDown - TGW in graceful shutdown mode tgwNotReady - TGW not ready for the event callVdbFailure - TGW can't obtain the vdbptr prevRtpPortLocked - TGW find previous rtp port locked connRecordMissing - TGW can't find conn record endPointNotRdy - TGW not ready for the event memResourceError - TGW has transient mem alloc err callCacFailure - GW does not have the bandwidth confRsrcError - GW cannot get conf resource gwRsrcNotAvailable - GW does not have available resource reqEventFailure - TGW can't handle requested event invalidCcapiEvent - TGW can't handle the ccapi event ignoreCcapiEvent - TGW will ignore the ccapi event signalFailure - TGW can't handle the signal abnormalOnhook - TGW find abnormal onhook invalidOffhook - TGW find invalid offhook invalidCot - TGW find invalid cot cotFailure - TGW failed to do COT cotDisableFailure - TGW failed to disable COT callSetupReqFailure - TGW can't setup call request callSetupIndFailure - TGW can't handle call indication callContextFailure - TGW can't setup the context callPeerFailure - TGW can't setup the peer callVoxCallFailure - TGW can't setup the voip/voaal2 call callVoipCallFailure - TGW can't setup the voip call callDiscFailure - TGW can't disconnect the call callModifyFailure - TGW can't modify the call parm callAlertFailure - TGW can't alert the call callDeleteFailure - TGW can't delete the call callUnknownFeature - TGW can't handle unknow feature upSupportedCodec - TGW find unsupported codec noDigitMap - TGW can't find the digit map ignoreDigit - TGW can't process the digits digitsOverflow - TGW can't handle too many digits digitsNotifyFailure - TGW can't send the digits out codecNotMatched - TGW codec doesn't match rmt TGW invalidConnMode - TGW can't understand con mode glare - GW encountered a glare condition peerMissing - TGW find not find the peer peerNotReady - TGW find peer not ready peerInWrongState - TGW find the peer in wrong state peerDisconnectFailure - TGW can't disconnect the peer noConferenceId - TGW can't find the conference ID confCreateFailure - TGW can't create conference confDestroyFailure - TGW can't destroy conference unknownConnType - TGW can't handle the con type invalidEndpoint - TGW can't connect to endpoint invalidNseEvent - Invalid NSE event nseRcvdOnWrongLeg - The NSE events come to a wrong leg sendNseFailure - Cannot send an NSE event playToneFailure - Cannot play NSE-requested tone codecSpecInError - Codec list provided in error mediaSpecUpsupported - Media specified not supported mediaChangeFail - Media change failed invalidNsePayload - Invalid payload type in SDP nsePayloadNotAvail - Specified NSE payload not free embMdcxError - Emb modify connection error mdcxLeg1Error - Modify connection leg1 error mdcxLeg2Error - Modify connection leg2 error deferMsg - For deferring events transError - TGW endpoint in transition state discOnWrongLeg - Disconnection on wrong call leg invalidNteEvent - Invalid NTE event notEnabledNteEvent - The NTE event has not been enabled for use nteEventExecuteFail - NTE execution failed sendNteFailure - Cannot send an NTE event invalidSsePayload - Invalid SSE payload ssePayloadNotAvailable - SSE payload is not available invalidModemRelayParam - Invalid Modem Relay Param modemRelayNotSupported - Modem Relay not supported in endpt invalidXcapXcpar - Invalid X-Cap or X-Cpar in SDP invalidSprtPayload - Invalid SPRT payload sprtPayloadNotAvailable - SPRT payload is not available
SyntaxeEnumeration (0-normalOk, 1-invalidOk, 2-callRecordReleased, 10-invalidCallId, 11-invalidConnId, 12-duplicatedMsg, 13-ackFailure, 14-deleteFailure, 15-createAckFailure, 16-createAckMissing, 17-deleteAckFailure, 18-notifyFailure, 19-invalidState, 20-invalidProtocolVer, 30-tgwDown, 31-tgwNotReady, 32-callVdbFailure, 33-prevRtpPortLocked, 34-connRecordMissing, 35-endPointNotRdy, 36-memResourceError, 37-callCacFailure, 38-confRsrcError, 39-gwRsrcNotAvailable, 40-reqEventFailure, 41-invalidCcapiEvent, 42-ignoreCcapiEvent, 50-signalFailure, 51-abnormalOnhook, 52-invalidOffhook, 53-invalidCot, 54-cotFailure, 55-cotDisableFailure, 60-callSetupReqFailure, 61-callSetupIndFailure, 62-callContextFailure, 63-callPeerFailure, 64-callVoxCallFailure, 65-callVoipCallFailure, 66-callDiscFailure, 67-callModifyFailure, 68-callAlertFailure, 69-callDeleteFailure, 70-callUnknownFeature, 71-upSupportedCodec, 72-noDigitMap, 73-ignoreDigit, 74-digitsOverflow, 75-digitsNotifyFailure, 76-codecNotMatched, 77-invalidConnMode, 78-glare, 90-peerMissing, 91-peerNotReady, 92-peerInWrongState, 93-peerDisconnectFailure, 94-noConferenceId, 95-confCreateFailure, 96-confDestroyFailure, 97-unknownConnType, 98-invalidEndpoint, 100-invalidNseEvent, 101-nseRcvdOnWrongLeg, 102-sendNseFailure, 103-playToneFailure, 104-codecSpecInError, 105-mediaSpecUpsupported, 106-mediaChangeFail, 107-invalidNsePayload, 108-nsePayloadNotAvail, 109-embMdcxError, 110-mdcxLeg1Error, 111-mdcxLeg2Error, 112-deferMsg, 115-transError, 120-discOnWrongLeg, 130-invalidNteEvent, 131-notEnabledNteEvent, 132-nteEventExecuteFail, 133-sendNteFailure, 140-invalidSsePayload, 141-ssePayloadNotAvailable, 142-invalidModemRelayParam, 143-modemRelayNotSupported, 144-invalidXcapXcpar, 145-invalidSprtPayload, 146-sprtPayloadNotAvailable)