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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 369 (ciscoLicenseMgrMIB). 1 (ciscoLicenseMgrMIBObjects). 2 (clmLicenseConfiguration). 5 (clmLicenseConfigCommandStatus)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoLicenseMgrMIB. ciscoLicenseMgrMIBObjects. clmLicenseConfiguration. clmLicenseConfigCommandStatus
Pas d'enfants disponibles pour cet OID
Description The status of the license install / uninstall / update operation. success (1) - install/uninstall/update operation completed successfully. inProgress (2) - License install/uninstall/update operation is in progress. corruptedLicenseFile (3) - License file content is Invalid/Corrupted. targetLicenseFileAlreadyExist (4) - Target license file name already exist. invalidLicenseFileName (5) - Invalid license file target name for install / uninstall operation. duplicateLicense (6) - License file is already installed. licenseInUse (7) - Can't uninstall a license file which is in use. generalLicensingFailure (8) - General error from license Manager. none (9) - no install/uninstall/update operation is performed. licenseExpiryConflict(10) - License exist with a different expiry date for the feature. invalidLicenseCount(11) - License count is invalid for the feature. notThisHost (12) - License host-id in the license file doesn't match. licenseInGraceMore (13) - Number of licenses in grace period is more than the number in install license file. licenseFileNotFound (14) - License file not found, for install / uninstall / update operation. licenseFileMissing (15) - A previously installed license file is found missing. invalidLicenseFileExtension (16) - License file does not have a .lic extension. invalidURI (17) - Invalid license file URI, specified for install operation. noDemoLicenseSupport (18) - Demo License Not Supported. invalidPlatform (19) - Invalid Platform.
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-success, 2-inProgress, 3-corruptedLicenseFile, 4-targetLicenseFileAlreadyExist, 5-invalidLicenseFileName, 6-duplicateLicense, 7-licenseInUse, 8-generalLicensingFailure, 9-none, 10-licenseExpiryConflict, 11-invalidLicenseCount, 12-notThisHost, 13-licenseInGraceMore, 14-licenseFileNotFound, 15-licenseFileMissing, 16-invalidLicenseFileExtension, 17-invalidURI, 18-noDemoLicenseSupport, 19-invalidPlatform)