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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoLicenseMgrMIB. ciscoLicenseMgrMIBObjects. clmLicenseInformation. clmLicenseFileContentsTable
Description Contains information about all the license files installed on the system. License file is a 'textual file' provided by the CISCO-CCO, when the user buys the license. This file contains licensing details for one or more 'Feature License'. 'Feature License' is the specification of the permission to use a particular feature. The following attributes are specified in the 'Feature License' FEATURE - specifies the license feature name. HOSTID - specifies the hostid of the system, where the feature has to be used. For Demo license, 'HOSTID' is specified as 'HOSTID=DEMO'. permanent - specifies permanent license. uncounted- specifies the uncounted license for this feature. For counted license, instead of the attribute 'uncounted' , a number indicating the 'maximum number of concurrent usages' of this license feature is specified. The date specified in the 'Feature License', indicates the expiry date of this license feature. Other attributes in the license file are irrelevant to the user. Example: 1 - A Demo license file contents # An example ficon license FEATURE ficon cisco 1.00 31-aug-2003 uncounted HOSTID=DEMO\ SIGN=95D7C8860EE0 Example: 2 - A Permanent license file contents SERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco # An example fcports license FEATURE fcports cisco 1.00 permanent 30 HOSTID=VDH=4C0A3364\ SIGN=C3ACA6D831D6 .