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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 47 (ciscoModemMgmtMIB). 1 (ciscoModemMgmtMIBObjects). 3 (cmLineInfo). 1 (cmLineStatusTable). 1 (cmLineStatusEntry). 8 (cmDisconnectReason)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoModemMgmtMIB. ciscoModemMgmtMIBObjects. cmLineInfo. cmLineStatusTable. cmLineStatusEntry. cmDisconnectReason
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Description Indicates the reason that the last connection or call attempt disconnected. The meaning of each reason code is explained below: unknown: the failure reason is unknown or there has been no previous call. lostCarrier: the call was disconnected because the loss of carrier. noCarrier: the dial out attempt has failed because the modem detects no carrier. noDialTone: the dial out attempt has failed because the modem failed to detect a dial tone. busy: the call attempt failed because the modem detected a busy signal. modemWatchdogTimeout: the modem internal watchdog timer has expired. dtrDrop: DTR has been turned off while the modem is to disconnect on DTR drop. userHangup: normal disconnect where the user hangs up call. compressionProblem: the call is disconnected due to a problem detected during compression in the modem. retrainFailure: the modem did not successfully train and reach data mode on the previous connections. remoteLinkDisconnect: the remote link disconnected the connection. abort: the call was aborted. inactivityTimeout: the modem automatically hangs up because data is not sent or received within the inactivity time out. dialStringError: the dialed phone number is invalid. linkFailure: the modem detects a link failure. modulationError: the modem detects a modulation error. dialTimeout: the modem times out while attempting to dial. remoteHangup: the remote side hangs up the connection. mnp10ProtocolError: MNP10 Protocol Error. lapmProtocolError: LAPM Protocol Error. faxClass2Error: Fax Class 2 Error. trainupFailure: failure to trainup with a remote peer. fallbackTerminate: User has EC fallback set to disconnect. excessiveEC: Link loss due to excessive EC retransmissions. EC packet transmit limit exceeded. hostDrop: Host initiated link drop. terminate: Lost Carrier Microcom HDMS product relating to password security issues. autoLogonError: An autologon sequence did not complete successfully. ccpNotSeen: The Credit Card Prompt was not detected. callbackFailed: Applies to leased line connection. If after a switched line dialback due to a leased line connection failure, the switched line connection also fails and a connection can still not be made on the leased line, a disconnect occurs with this reason set. blacklist: In coutries that support blacklisting, an attempt was made to go off hook with a null dial string (ATD). lapmTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply from remote. reliableLinkTxTimeout: Have not received the link acknowledgement in the first 30 seconds of the connection. dspAccessFailure: Timed out trying to access the DSP chip. cdOffTimeout: Timed out waiting for carrier to return after a retrain or rate renegotiation. codewordSizeMismatch: The codeword size are mismatched. dspDownloadFailure: Error during the DSP code download. The time taken to recover and repeat the download would take too long to complete the handshake.
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-unknown, 2-lostCarrier, 3-noCarrier, 4-noDialTone, 5-busy, 6-modemWatchdogTimeout, 7-dtrDrop, 8-userHangup, 9-compressionProblem, 10-retrainFailure, 11-remoteLinkDisconnect, 12-abort, 13-inactivityTimeout, 14-dialStringError, 15-linkFailure, 16-modulationError, 17-dialTimeout, 18-remoteHangup, 19-mnp10ProtocolError, 20-lapmProtocolError, 21-faxClass2Error, 22-trainupFailure, 23-fallbackTerminate, 24-excessiveEC, 25-hostDrop, 26-terminate, 27-autoLogonError, 28-ccpNotSeen, 29-callbackFailed, 30-blacklist, 31-lapmTimeout, 32-reliableLinkTxTimeout, 33-dspAccessFailure, 34-cdOffTimeout, 35-codewordSizeMismatch, 36-dspDownloadFailure, 37-modemDrNone, 38-modemDrSoftwareReset, 39-modemDrEcTerminated, 40-modemDrBadMnp5Rxdata, 41-modemDrBadV42bisRxdata, 42-modemDrBadCopState, 43-modemDrAth, 44-modemDrAborted, 45-modemDrConnectTimeout, 46-modemDrResetDsp, 47-modemDrNoCarrier, 48-modemDrNoAbtDetected, 49-modemDrTrainupFailure, 50-modemDrRetrainLimit, 51-modemDrAbtEndFailure, 52-modemDrNoLr, 53-modemDrLrParam1, 54-modemDrLrIncompat, 55-modemDrRetransmitLimit, 56-modemDrInactivity, 57-modemDrProtocolError, 58-modemDrFallbackTerminate, 59-modemDrNoXid, 60-modemDrXidIncompat, 61-modemDrDisc, 62-modemDrDm, 63-modemDrBadNr, 64-modemDrSabmeOnline, 65-modemDrXidOnline, 66-modemDrLrOnline, 67-modemDrBadCmnd, 68-modemDrFrmrBadCmnd, 69-modemDrFrmrData, 70-modemDrFrmrLength, 71-modemDrFrmrBadNr, 72-modemDrLdNoLr, 73-modemDrLdLrParam1, 74-modemDrLdLrIncompat, 75-modemDrLdRetransLimit, 76-modemDrLdInactivity, 77-modemDrLdProtocol, 78-modemDrLdUser, 79-modemDrHostNonspecific, 80-modemDrHostBusy, 81-modemDrHostNoAnswer, 82-modemDrHostDtr, 83-modemDrHostAth, 84-modemDrHostNoDialtone, 85-modemDrHostNoCarrier, 86-modemDrHostAck, 87-modemDrMohClrd, 88-modemDrMohTimeout, 89-modemDrCotAck, 90-modemDrCotNak1, 91-modemDrCotNak2, 92-modemDrCotOff, 93-modemDrCotTimeout, 94-modemDrDcIllegalCodewordStepup, 95-modemDrDcIllegalTokenEmptyNode, 96-modemDrDcIllegalTokenTooLarge, 97-modemDrDcReservedCommand, 98-modemDrDcIllegalCharacterSizeStepup, 99-modemDrDcRxDictionaryFull, 100-modemDrDcRxHistoryFull, 101-modemDrDcRxStringSizeExceeded, 102-modemDrDcNegotiationError, 103-modemDrDcCompressionError)