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DescriptionThis table lists all the virtual devices configured on this device. The successful creation of a row in this table, through the use of the cFCSDMVdRowStatus object, followed by the 'Config Commit' will also cause the creation of rows in other tables. Specifically: - The Creation of Device Alias: An entry in the 'cfdaConfigTable' of CISCO-FC-DEVICE-ALIAS-MIB gets created by the agent with the value of the cFcSdvVdName as the instance identifier value of cfdaConfigDeviceAlias, 'pwwn' as the value of cfdaConfigDeviceType and the value of cFcSdvVdPwwn as the value of cfdaConfigDeviceId. An attempt to create an already existing Device Alias entry mapping to different Real Device would fail and hence results in failure to add Virtual Device entry in this table. In general, any failure in Device Alias creation/deletion will have corresponding effect of Virtual Device creation /deletion respectively. Similarly the deletion of a row in this table causes deletion of corresponding rows in other tables. Specifically: - An entry in the 'cfdaConfigTable' of CISCO-FC-DEVICE-ALIAS-MIB that corresponding to the value of cFcSdvVdName is deleted. Once a Virtual Device gets created successfully, such a device is available for zone configuration. The Virtual Device added as Device Alias can be used to create the zones and zoneSets using CISCO-ZS-MIB. The Device Alias is identified as the 'deviceAlias' type of ZoneMemberType in all occurrences of usage of ZoneMemberType in the zoning tables.