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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 9 (cisco). 9 (ciscoMgmt). 661 (ciscoWan3gMIB). 1 (ciscoWan3gMIBObjects). 2 (c3gWanCdma). 2 (c3gCdmaConnectionTable). 1 (c3gCdmaConnectionEntry). 20 (c3gCdmaLastCallDisconnReason)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cisco. ciscoMgmt. ciscoWan3gMIB. ciscoWan3gMIBObjects. c3gWanCdma. c3gCdmaConnectionTable. c3gCdmaConnectionEntry. c3gCdmaLastCallDisconnReason
Pas d'enfants disponibles pour cet OID
Description Last call disconnect reason: unknown(1) - Unknown modemOffline(2) - Modem offline modemCdmaLocTilPowCyc(3) - Modem CDMA locked till power cycle noService(4) - No service abnormalCallEnd(5) - Abnormal call end baseStatIntercept(6) - Base station intercept baseStatRelease(7) - Base station release baseStatReleaseNoReas(8) - Base station release (No reason) baseStatReleaseSoRej(9) - Base station release (SO reject) incomingCall(10) - Incoming call baseStatAlertStop(11) - Base station alert stop clientEndedCall(12) - Client ended call activationEndedOtasp(13) - Activation ended OTASP (Over- The-Air Service Provisioning) ndssFailure(14) - NDSS (Network and Distributed System Security) failure maxAccesProbTransmit(15) - Max access probes transmitted persistTestFailure(16) - Persistence test failure ruimNotPresent(17) - RUIM (Removable User Identity Module) not present accessAttemptInProg(18) - Access attempt in progress reasonUnspecified(19) - Reason unspecified recdRetryOrder(20) - Recd retry order modemLocked(21) - Modem Locked gpsCallEnded(22) - GPS call ended smsCallEnded(23) - SMS (Short Message Service) call ended noConcurrentService(24) - No concurrent service noResponseFromBs(25) - No response from BS (Base station) rejectedByBs(26) - Rejected by BS notCompatConcurServ(27) - Not compatible concurrent service accessBlockedByBs(28) - Access blocked by BS alreadyOnTraffChann(29) - Already on Traffic channel emergencyCall(30) - Emergency call dataCallEnded(31) - Data call ended busyHdr(32) - Busy (HDR) billingOrAuthErrHdr(33) - Billing or Auth error (HDR) sysChangeDueToPrlHdr(34) - System change due to PRL (HDR) hdrExitDueToPrl(35) - HDR exit due to PRL (HDR) noSessionHdr(36) - No Session (HDR) callEndedHdr(37) - Call ended (HDR)
SyntaxeEnumeration (1-unknown, 2-modemOffline, 3-modemCdmaLocTilPowCyc, 4-noService, 5-abnormalCallEnd, 6-baseStatIntercept, 7-baseStatRelease, 8-baseStatReleaseNoReas, 9-baseStatReleaseSoRej, 10-incomingCall, 11-baseStatAlertStop, 12-clientEndedCall, 13-activationEndedOtasp, 14-ndssFailure, 15-maxAccesProbTransmit, 16-persistTestFailure, 17-ruimNotPresent, 18-accessAttemptInProg, 19-reasonUnspecified, 20-recdRetryOrder, 21-modemLocked, 22-gpsCallEnded, 23-smsCallEnded, 24-noConcurrentService, 25-noResponseFromBs, 26-rejectedByBs, 27-notCompatConcurServ, 28-accessBlockedByBs, 29-alreadyOnTraffChann, 30-emergencyCall, 31-dataCallEnded, 32-busyHdr, 33-billingOrAuthErrHdr, 34-sysChangeDueToPrlHdr, 35-hdrExitDueToPrl, 36-noSessionHdr, 37-callEndedHdr)