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DescriptionThis attribute references the Name attribute of the SavCfgList object of a CM. If the CM signaled group name is not configured in the CMTS, the CMTS ignores this attribute value for the purpose of Source Address Verification. The CMTS must allow the modification of the GrpName object and use the updated SAV rules for newly discovered CPEs from CMs. When a source IP address is claimed by two CMs (e.g., detected as duplicated), the CMTS must use the current SAV rules defined for both CMs in case the SAV GrpName rules may have been updated. In the case of a persisting conflict, it is up to vendor-implementation to decide what CM should hold the SAV authorization. The zero-length string indicates that no SAV Group was signaled by the CM. The zero-length value or a non-existing reference in the SavCfgList object means the SavCfgListName is ignored for the purpose of SAV.
SyntaxeSnmpAdminString (SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB)