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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cableLabs. clabProject. clabProjDocsis. docsIfMCmtsMib. docsIfMCmtsObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownTable. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownEntry. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownRowStatus
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DescriptionThe status of this conceptual table row entry. In order to create an entry the object docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPhysicalIndex MUST be set This table has 'holes' for all the read-create' objects not specified in the setup. An entry is set to 'active' status if at least one read-create object of the list below is set, otherwise, the entry is in 'notReady' status. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownBandwidth docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPower docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownModulation docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownInterleave docsIfMCmtsEqamGlogCfgDownAnnex docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownSymbolRateM docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownSymbolRateN Once an entry is active the QAM channels associated to the docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPhysicalIndex containment tree are set to the parameters specified in the entry. The Entry remains in 'active' row status and the execution status is reported by docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownExecutionCode. Setting a previously set object to a new value or specifying an object not initially set during row creation, sets the entry in row status 'notInService'. A set of this object to 'active' triggers again the global configuration action. As a rule, the EQAM device is not expected to track old parameter values. Thus, the set to 'active' of the entry performs the global set of all the old and new parameters defined in the entry. Due to the possible value 'notInService' as a valid configuration state, this entry MUST NOT be aged out when Row Status is 'notInService'.
SyntaxeRowStatus (SNMPv2-TC)