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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 4491 (cableLabs). 2 (clabProject). 1 (clabProjDocsis). 6 (docsIfMCmtsMib). 1 (docsIfMCmtsObjects). 3 (docsIfMCmtsEqamObjects). 4 (docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownTable). 1 (docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownEntry). 7 (docsIfMCmtsEqamGlogCfgDownAnnex)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cableLabs. clabProject. clabProjDocsis. docsIfMCmtsMib. docsIfMCmtsObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamObjects. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownTable. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownEntry. docsIfMCmtsEqamGlogCfgDownAnnex
Pas d'enfants disponibles pour cet OID
DescriptionThe object for global configuration of Downstream channel J.83 Annex of the QAM channels in the containment tree of docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownPhysicalIndex. A set to this object is reflected in docsIfDownChannelAnnex of the QAM channels being set. Values '1' and '2' are not used, only '3', '4' and '5' to maintain compatibility with docsIfDownChannelAnnex enumeration values initially defined in RFC 2670. This object set has dependencies with docsIfDownChannelInterleave, docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownBandwidth and probably docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownSymbolRateM/N, in particular in the rare event of changing the J.83 Annex type for the already configured EQAM. An entry set with an invalid combination of J.83 Annex PHY parameters mentioned above is not executed and reported as error code 'errorNoCommitted' in docsIfMCmtsEqamGlobCfgDownExecutionCode. If an entry sets this object but any of the other J.83 Annex PHY related objects, is missing, the missing parameters are set to a default value only in the case of a change of J.83 Annex type (e.g., setting Annex A when currently in Annex B).
SyntaxeEnumeration (3-annexA, 4-annexB, 5-annexC)