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TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. cableLabs. clabProject. clabProjDocsis. docsIfMCmtsMib. docsIfMCmtsObjects. docsIfMCmtsDepiObjects. docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionObjects. docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigTable. docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigEntry
DescriptionA conceptual row for this table. Entries are created by either management operations or other M-CMTS applications or interfaces (e.g., ERMI), the persistence of an entry is indicated in docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigStorage. The DEPI connection mechanism using L2TPv3 is initiated when an entry in this table is set to active. The following conditions apply: o If the M-CMTS L2TPv3 Control Connection with the remote EQAM Host IP in docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigRemoteAddr does not exist, a DEPI L2TPv3 control Connection is created. o There may be cases where the control plane with the EQAM IP host exists or is in progress, (e.g., a previously created entry with same EQAM IP host), thus the M-CMTS MUST avoid multiple L2TP Control Connection State machines. o DEPI L2TPv3 sessions are created based on the TSID value. Only the first entry with row status 'active' with a particular TSID value will try to establish a L2TPv3 session. Other entries with same TSID value return state of 'depiSessionError' in docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionInfoState. Relationships with the DOCSIS MAC domain IfStackTable: This control considers the ability of the M-CMTS to use a manager-specified Downstream interface value for the configuration of the DOCSIS MAC domain downstream interfaces of the M-CMTS architecture. o When docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableDownstreamIfIndex is a non-zero value the value of docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableMacLayerIfIndex MUST be an existing DOCSIS MAC layer interface. o If an entry in this table already exists for the specified docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableDownstreamIfIndex, or corresponds to an ifIndex signaled as 'integrated' in docsIfMCmtsDownstreamType a newly created entry set to active is rejected and reported in docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionInfoState as 'invalidDSInterfaceValue'. o The M-CMTS accepts or rejects the creation of a new table entry based on the possibility of adding a new Downstream interface to the MAC domain. On success it is reported in docsIfMCmtsDownstreamType as 'depiSession'. Relationship with M-CMTS Downstream Interface tables: Setting an entry to active creates or updates (when docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableMCmtsDownIfIndex is provided in the row creation; see the object description for details) the corresponding entry in the following tables: ifTable, docsIfDownstreamChannelTable, docsIfMCmtsCoreDownstreamTable/ docsIfMCmtsEqamDownstreamTable, docsIfMCmtsCoreDownstreamTable, docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionInfoTable, and docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionStatsTable In the EQAM device this table is normally created by the M-CMTS Core initiated DEPI session, although manual configuration may be supported, with the difference that EQAM devices are not required to initiate DEPI sessions. EQAM device Operation of configured entries is not detailed in this MIB module.