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DescriptionThe status of this conceptual table row entry. In order to set an entry to the 'active' status, the MIB objects below must be set to proper values: Other objects default values are used for the DEPI session docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableMacIfIndex docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigRemoteAddr docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigTSID docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigDEPIMode docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigRsrcAllocReq docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigMethod docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigPhyFlag docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelId must be unique within the MAC sublayer domain in order to set this entry to active, PHY parameters listed below are not required to be populated in this table, then default values are used to populate the entry or implementation may opt to not instantiate those objects. docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelFrequency docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelModulation docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelInterleave docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelPower docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigChannelAnnex docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigSyncInterval When the row entry is 'active' the DEPI tunnel control and/or the DEPI session is established. Retries and timeouts are proper of the DEPI Tunnel protocol used. For L2TPv3 while the entry is active the M-CMTS must continue to set the DEPI session and log the respective errors for unsuccessful operations. Relationship with the IfTable ifAdminStatus Setting ifAdminStatus from ifTable to the interface pointed by this entry (docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionConfigCableMCmtsDownIfIndex) to 'down' sets this entry Row Status to 'notInService'. A set to ifAdminStatus to 'up' while in 'down' state sets back the Row Status to 'active'. The opposite is not true: a set to this object to 'active' when previously 'notInService' and while ifAdmiStatus is 'down' returns an error 'inconsistentValue', such only one point of contact is needed to enable and disable the interface. Setting this object to 'notInService' while ifAdminStatus is 'down' sets ifOperStatus to 'down'. Setting this entry to 'notInService' will tear down the DEPI session. DEPI Tunnel Control teardown in the absence of sessions is Tunnel protocol dependent, e.g., for L2TPv3 Control Connections may use tunnel Idle Timeout objects defined in L2TP-MIB. Due to the dependencies of IfAdminStatus and this table row Status, M-CMTS Core and EQAM devices MUST not age out entries with Row Status 'notInService' and docsIfMCmtsDepiSessionInfoState in 'ifAdmiStatusSetToDown'.
SyntaxeRowStatus (SNMPv2-TC)