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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 674 (dell). 10895 (dellLan). 5000 (dellLanStandard). 1 (dellLanCommon). 2 (dellLanSystemMng). 2 (dellLanFileSysGroup). 4 (dellLanFileActionTable)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. dell. dellLan. dellLanStandard. dellLanCommon. dellLanSystemMng. dellLanFileSysGroup. dellLanFileActionTable
DescriptionThis is a conceptual table which contain only one row. The row is used to setup the parameters required to execute a particular action on the file system. Depending on the action, certain number of parameters will apply and will be required to be configured when the action is executed. Once the action executes, the parameters set for the action will be cleared and the status of the action (error code or success code) will be available for query in the dellLanFileActionResultCode field. NOTE that since the action is immediately executed, all parameters required for the action must be given in the same SNMP set request in a single varbind. The action type dellLanFileActionCommand must be included in each SNMP set request otherwise an error will be returned. Some of the actions may take a long time to complete, for these actions, the user should poll the dellLanFileActionResultCode until a valid result is returned. When the system is working on an action this parameter will return 'statusPending'. While the status is 'statusPending' the system will not honor any new file system request. If the user tries to send a file system action request during this time, the SNMP SET to execute the action will return with an SNMP error and the status will remain 'statusPending' until the last operation has completed. The correct usage for this table should be: - first query the 'dellLanFileActionResultCode' to see if the system is free to execute a file action request. If the query returns 'statusPending' then don't try the action yet. Keep polling until the result of this parameter is something other then 'statusPending'. - once the system is ready, compose a single SNMP request with all parameters required for a given action (see the description below in the Entry definition). - send an SNMP SET for this request, if the SET failed with an SNMP error then something is wrong with the way the request is composed. - if the SNMP SET response is success, then start polling the dellLanFileActionResultCode to determine the status of the action.