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MIX : 1 (iso). 3 (org). 6 (dod). 1 (internet). 4 (private). 1 (enterprises). 674 (dell). 10895 (dellLan). 5000 (dellLanStandard). 1 (dellLanCommon). 2 (dellLanSystemMng). 2 (dellLanFileSysGroup). 4 (dellLanFileActionTable). 1 (dellLanFileActionEntry)
TXT : iso. org. dod. internet. private. enterprises. dell. dellLan. dellLanStandard. dellLanCommon. dellLanSystemMng. dellLanFileSysGroup. dellLanFileActionTable. dellLanFileActionEntry
Description There is only exactly one row in this table and the row index is always set to 1 (dellLanFileActionIndex = 1). When an action is required to manipulate the file system, the entire action must be sent in the same SNMP SET request where the varbind includes all parameters required for the action operation and must include the action to be performed (dellLanFileActionCommand). If there is a missing parameter or if the action command is not given, then an error is returned immediately and all parameters are cleared and the dellLanFileActionResultCode will reflect the error. If the action is well formed and is properly executed, the result of the set will be successful and the dellLanFileActionResultCode will indicate a successful action. The following actions may be executed using this table. Included with the action description is a list of all required parameters (which must be included in the same SNMP SET as the action itself): - rename = rename the file. - dellLanFileActionSourceFile - dellLanFileActionDestFile - copy = copy a file. A copy operation requires that the source and destination files are of the same type of file. For example, if the source is a configuration file, then the destination must also be a configuration file. If the source is an image file, then the destination must also be an image file. Note that you cannot copy on to the active image file. The 'dellLanFileActionForceAction' may be set to true to indicate that the copy function should try to overwrite the destination file if it exists. The overwrite may still fail if permission is denied or the destination file is protected. - dellLanFileActionSourceFile - dellLanFileActionDestFile - dellLanFileActionForceAction - delete = delete a file. - dellLanFileActionSourceFile The following are possible error codes relating to each type of actions: - rename: fileNotFound; invalidCmd; unknownError. - copy: fileNotFound; tftpServerConnectFailed; fileSystemFull; overwriteNotRequested; overwriteFailed; permissionDenied; invalidCmd; incompatFileType; invalidDest; unknownError. - delete: fileNotFound; permissionDenied; invalidCmd; unknownError.